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Since 1998, an Annual Meeting of the IELSG investigators is held.

The meeting aims to bring together physicians and scientists from all over the world to present and discuss the ongoing studies and to propose or plan future studies.

During this Annual Meeting workshops of chairpersons and investigators of IELSG studies and pathology review sessions are organized, in order to create in-depth and open discussion about the future management of extranodal lymphomas.

Participation is open to the clinicians, pathologists and scientists who have a professional interest in extranodal lymphomas. No registration fees are required, but a REGISTRATION form has to be submitted.

All the relevant information on this activity will be posted on the IELSG website.

  • IELSG Annual Meeting 2025

    The Annual Meeting of the International Extranodal Lymphoma Study Group (IELSG) will be held on March 7-8, 2025 in Stresa (Italy) at Hotel La Palma.

    REGISTRATION is open.

Online Registration to the IELSG Meeting


    Past Meetings Programs

    Below you may find past IELSG Meetings’ Programs:

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    Meeting 2020 cancelledMeeting 2019 ParisMeeting 2018 StresaMeeting 2017 Stuttgart
    Meeting 2016 StresaMeeting 2015 LondonMeeting 2014 BellinzonaMeeting 2013 Athens
    Meeting 2012 LuganoMeeting 2011 ParisMeeting 2010 LuganoMeeting 2009 Toronto
    Meeting 2008 LuganoMeeting 2007 LuganoMeeting 2006 RomeMeeting 2005 Ascona
    Meeting 2004 BarcelonaMeeting 2003 AsconaMeeting 2002 LuganoMeeting 2001 Ascona
    Meeting 2000 AsconaMeeting 1999 LuganoMeeting 1999 AsconaMeeting 1998 Ascona